• When the winds of change blow, some people build shelters,
    while others build windmills...
  • "There are no random buildings, isolated from the human society
    in whom they have sprouted and its needs, desires,
    and understanding, such as there are no arbitrary lines
    and unreasoning designs in the building...
  • ...And the origin and life of every great and beautiful structure,
    as well as its relationship to a settlement in which
    it is erected, often carry complex and mysterious
    dramas and history".

    Ivo Andrić


CE GROUP DOO was established as a specialized company for technical consulting, design and engineering services.

We managed to develop a mode of operation that is recognizable, reliable and efficient, thanks to the experience we gained on the world market, but also in Serbia.

Our idea is clear and our vision is sincere - to build, contribute and improve the community.





What our clients say about us

“We have been successfully cooperating with CE GROUP since 2015 on investment project for the construction of the plant for flue gas desulphurization phase I in Kostolac and construction of a new block of Thermal Power Plant B3 in Kostolac. CE GROUP has successfully performed and is fulfilling its contractual obligations”.

China Machinery Engineering Corporation

“We have successfully cooperated with CE GROUP on the investment project in Kucevo Kaona since 2019. CE GROUP has successfully fulfilled and is fulfilling its contractual obligations. CE GROUP has a strong technical force. In the process of project implementation, it respects the contract and respects the time limit set by the investor. If there is an opportunity, we will carry out more cooperation with CE GROUP in the future”.

China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group Serbia

Our clients